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Obstacle 1

I suppose I should use fewer music references. I have to make sure this doesn't turn into The Crow graphic novel for fat people, which is really just The Crow.

I've hit my first plateau. Since Saturday, after I did my hour-long treadmill session, I'm down a whopping .3 lbs, including no loss between today and yesterday. There could be a variety of explanations for slow down, but it's still frustrating. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • I had a Totino's Party Pizza yesterday.
  • Sunday and Tuesday (today) featured workouts on an elliptical machine, which I am still learning and adjusting to.
  • My body, already known to be a giant asshole, could be making some unwelcome adjustments to accommodate my workout regimen.
  • That ice cream I had on Sunday wasn't really reduced fat and calories like they claimed.
  • I'm weighing myself wrong or inconsistently.

Yesterday, I detailed the math that I understood went into weight loss.  I still don't understand what I wrote there, but I do know that it's a combination of diet and exercise that's allowing me to lose weight.  Right now, I'm unwilling to make any further diet concessions, so I need to step up my workouts.

So, here's what I'm proposing to myself:

  • I will consistently weigh myself sometime between 9AM and 11AM every day, after breakfast, and after my workout.  This will provide a real baseline for me to judge my progress.
  • I will start recording the key metrics of my workouts, including calories burned, length in minutes, any weight reps or sets, etc.
  • I will post these numbers so that they can be analyzed by me and by any other watchful eyes intent on providing me constructive feedback.

In exchange for this, I am asking for:

I ask that all prospective general managers get in touch with me quickly, as the trade deadline is set for Friday at noon EST.

EDIT:The daily weigh-in will occur earlier in the morning, after I wake up, expel any waste that comes out easily, but before breakfast and workout. I had to give up Felicia Day and the 3rd round pick, but I did pick up Olivia Wilde.

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