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I posted this on Facebook. I’m sharing it here too.

I totally get the idea that female lawmakers are introducing bills to limit Viagra access to give men a taste of how irresponsible it is for us to pretend we know what's best for women and limit their access to birth control and abortion.

I don't like that it's not really the same thing, though. Viagra, while it does offer other benefits beyond its common use, isn't as commonly used for the "off-label" benefits as birth control. I'm not even going to attempt to draw any comparison between abortion and Viagra, because I'm completely lost on that one.

The fact is guys don't get women's issues. We can't empathize, we never will. I don't really expect a woman to understand the miracle of an erection, but if it's there, and we say "let's do it", then we know they appreciate it. All we as men can do is let women tell us what's important to them, and act accordingly. It's not our place to second-guess their conclusion.

This brings us back to 2/16 and the Congressional hearing featuring all men who were there to talk about birth control. What the fuck do we know or understand on the topic? One thing I did pick up in high school having an irresponsibly great understanding of parliamentary procedure  is that any good legislative process has to consider the rights of the majority, the minority, individuals, the absent, and group as a whole. We could not do that without the presence of women in that hearing.

The fact that this was allowed to occur is the reason we have this ridiculous bickering back and forth now, and we're fully prepared to set gender relations in this nation back 50 years if we keep this up. Please, show respect, and don't let this happen.

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  1. I just want the laws to be consistent. If they want to drug test people who get welfare, fine, but then they have to drug test for all government entitlements. Want to take a government subsidized bus, drug test, want social security, drug test, unemployment, drug test. After there is a parade of old people needing to get unnecessary drug tests whoever dreamed of the law will be tarred and feathered.

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