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While nothing good comes easy, this is what I've had to deal with in the last week.

Date Weight (in lbs.)
24 January 2012 284.8
23 January 2012 286.2
22 January 2012 283.8
21 January 2012 284.2
20 January 2012 283.2
19 January 2012 283.4
18 January 2012 286.0

I've worked out 5 of the last 7 days. My diet has not changed. I'm at a loss to describe this.

This is not winning.

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  1. Unfortunately weight loss isn’t linear, day to day and even week to week you will mostly just see changes in your water weight. Just know you are in it for the long slog, keep you head down and keep going. If you don’t lose anything over a month then you might have to go to the next level of diet and exercise.

    • I’ve actually been thinking about your comment about the Ma Po Tofu from Facebook and the water weight you gained from that. I think higher sodium consumption, especially later in the day, could describe the numbers I’m seeing.

      I sweat out a great deal yesterday on the treadmill, so given the lower number I saw this morning, that could be it.

      • Dude…that’s exactly it, too. Back during my magical first diet-time, there was a good month or so that when I ran out of calories for the day, I’d sit there eating a packet of seasoning from Ramen noodles, and a diet root beer (don’t judge me. That shit was like heaven at the time hahaha). Then I made this sudden realization that all the salt in that packet was probably giving me negative results… Screw the health-aspect of it– the WEIGHT aspect is what was negative for me right then. So instead of giving up this ‘snack’ routine at the time, I decided to add a natural diuretic– lemon. Lemonade, to be exact. And then I started to see a change…and then because of that unbelievable change, I stopped with the packets and kept with the lemonade, and whoa…

        But yeah…in the here and now, you don’t need to worry about the water-weight issue, because while it effects what your scale is telling you, the water weight can come and go as it pleases, and you can rid of it at whatever point you choose.

        And another thing… STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF EVERY DAY! You’re only going to discourage yourself. You are eating less AND working out. THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT, ON THE PLANET. You WILL be successful. It is not a question. Unless you literally have a thyroid issue, which I’m sure you would’ve seen spotted at one or the other doctor visits, there is no way you can fail, if you stick to this routine.

        *cough cough* Taco Bell is not sticking to the routine *cough cough*

        You don’t let yourself cheat this early in. No. NO! BAD! ;) . Just think of all the evil-delicious pizzas you’ve so successfully combated their cries for you to give in and eat them… You have SUFFERED for your cause. DON’T make it be for nothing, by giving in and cheating, even if it seems kinda small at the time.

        Think of it like rebuilding a house after its burned down. You get all the beams up, making it have its sturdy foundation. Then…then yano, it’s looking like this is gonna take forever to get done (and it is), so you decide that for all your hard work, you’re gonna burn the right corner of it….just a little bit. Well FUCK…now you gotta rebuild that right corner…even though you worked tirelessly ALREADY, to get it up in the first place…

        Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you “deserve a reward” for all your hard work, and that that reward is cheating on your diet. That’s stupid… Seriously, your reward is getting all the closer to your goal. The end.

        Part of me also believes, and this is for the BOTH of us, that if we had jobs that didn’t involve us sitting on our asses all gd day, this would be hella easier. When we’re plopped in front of a computer, it’s so much easier to be like, “Well shit…I’m fuckin’ hungry.” I hate it. HATE IT! Because NO WE’RE NOT HUNGRY! We’re BORED…we need filler. And the both of us eat as a time-filler. It’s so craptastic to try and unbrainwash ourselves from it. But if ya think about it, when you go out– or maybe let’s for example use Toronto Con weekend… How often, when you were busy with all the fun stuff, did you think, “Gee I’m hungry.” ? Personally, when I have a busy day, I can barely think about food. This is a good thing that I’ve learned to take advantage of. ESPECIALLY since I’ve decided to ban fast food from my diet. YOU SHOULD DO THIS!!! I know there’s not a lot you can get from these places, but if you CUT THEM OUT, you will notice a difference. You don’t drive up a road and all the fast food signs light up like a Christmas tree in your mind– like “choices choices” NO! Newp! You can’t go there. You have no decision to make. It’s already settled. Better think about what’s in the fridge at home…

        Oh lordy… I just remembered that you can’t read more than a paragraph at a time. Perhaps you should read this in intervals today… xD


        • I’ve seen a few studies suggesting that those who weight every day have better results than those doing weekly or less frequent weigh-ins.

          I have no thyroid issues, we checked previously and whatever they were measuring, mine were within normal levels.

          From Taco Bell, I get Bean Burritos with no cheese or onion, because the cheese is gross and they never allow the onions to warm enough to reach the temperature of the rest of the burrito, so they taste terrible. While not fattening or high calorie, it is high sodium.

          I didn’t eat often at the Toronto convention. I did drink plenty, though. Maker’s Mark goes great with coffee. Work does leave me bored, and if I was more active in it, maybe I would forget to eat. I think playing games helps in that regard too. Anything I can actively engage myself in that keeps me from eating is probably good.

          • At first I did the daily weigh ins out of fear of hitting the random spike in the week but I’m less concerned…

            I had the food as a reward habit and that was really hard to break. I still eat badly when I am depressed but I am slowly getting better at that too.

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