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Terry Bradshaw Sucks

I was too young to see Terry Bradshaw play, but he was the quarterback for the Steelers, identifies himself as Republican, and is widely speculated to take the short bus to all his  Fox Sports events.  I wouldn't trust him to sell me a handshake.

He's one of the spokespeople for Nutrisystem, a program I had considered at one time.  However, Nutrisystem allowed itself to become the missing link between the AXE effect and Dr. Pepper Ten in the irresponsible macho male marketing arena.  Key phrasing such as "Nutrisystem has created a weight loss meal plan specifically for men that includes the food men want such as burgers, pizza, pasta and chips."  Clearly, by not wanting burgers, I must not be a man.

Fuck you, Nutrisystem.

On both their website and commercials, they cite that Bradshaw has lost 32 lbs.  They don't say how much of it was diet vs. exercise, they don't provide a reference time frame, they just say he lost the weight.  That's a very weak sell for me.

So, why am I all bent out of shape over Nutrisystem, Terry Bradshaw, and the Steelers?

I am down 32 lbs. today, with a slight rounding up.  275.5 was today's weigh-in, meaning I'm down 31.7 lbs since that first August picture, or roughly 15 lbs. year to date, and we haven't even finished 2 months yet.

So, Terry Bradshaw, you may have lost 32 lbs., but you're still a swollen asshole of a man endorsing a shit product.  I lost 32 lbs. through a solid combination of diet and exercise, and I'm saving my bragging rights until my tale is told in full.

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