fatty. no good for you.


“So when you hear this Autumn song…clear your heads and get ready to run…

...so when you hear this Autumn song, remember the best times are yet to come." - Manic Street Preachers, "Autumnsong"

I'm in a simplifying routine.  My personal Twitter has had its tweets vaporized.  My Facebook is deactivated.  The important things are my work and my routine, and both need greater discipline.  I've gone as far as to reach out to an ADHD coach to help me with these issues.  Frankly, I just need to get better.

I undermine myself at every turn, however.  While my last post shows I broke up with my girlfriend, I didn't fully purge her from my life.  Two weeks ago, I said the meanest thing I've ever said to anyone in my life to make sure our breakup stayed final.  It lasted until that Thursday, when I picked up my remaining belongings in exchange for a chair I bought her that she decided first she didn't need, then somehow was a necessity the day after.  Tonight, in no uncertain terms, the phrase I used was "Go away."  I'm hoping it sticks.

The two things I need to parse are the damage and the lessons learned.  I think the damage is mostly financial, though I'm sure there's more there.  The lessons learned will go here too, but not until I take the opportunity to talk plenty about my penis.

So enjoy the ride....on my penis.


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